What Our Clients Say

"Working with Michael Dodd and Interim Mgmt Leadership services was like having a right hand man. As a sounding board, market strategist and problem solver, he was able to lead internal teams, making me more productive and my staff more effective. His breadth of experience made him invaluable during a critical stage of our company's growth."

David Byers, Chief Marketing Officer
H & R Block

"During our transition between sales leadership we retained Dan Smaida at Interim Mgmt to be our interim sales executive. This allowed us to continue the sales process and experience minimal business interruption, all proving to be money very well spent."

Greg Hodges , President
Ibahn, Inc.

"Interim Mgmt is an outstanding consulting resource. The consultants got up to speed on our industry quickly and provided us with impressive strategic and marketing solutions. However, what impressed me the most was their ability to understand and solve the unique problems that I face in my business. I would definitely hire them again!"

Roger Breisch, President
Hamer International

“Working with Interim Mgmt has made me a better strategist and ultimately a better leader.  They understand the need to not only provide answers, but also to help develop a company’s internal capabilities."

Paul Lapadat, Division President
Con Agra Foods

“Interim Mgmt’s breadth of experience in creating new ventures was invaluable to our start-up.  They are a great resource with an ability to set priorities and guide a team through uncharted territory. "

Tom Piscor – Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Manufacturers Money Board

"Interim Mgmt’s staffers are skilled problem solvers.  Michael brought a structure and discipline to our projects and was adept at integrating new information as assignments evolve. His in-depth analysis and practical advice exceeded our expectations."

Diane Kawashima, Marketing Vice President
Pacific Bell - A T & T

"Interim Mgmt has a strong work ethic, but more importantly ensures they are working on the right issues. They learned our business quickly, attacked core issues and showed a commitment and pragmatism rare among consulting firms."

Brian Todd, President
Venture-Backed Consumer Product Start-Up

"Great to work with, Interim Mgmt jumped in and took real ownership quickly. Their Interim Leadership Services were invaluable to the growth of our portfolio companies.  They are a fantastic resource for Private Equity Investors and VCs."

Bob Kuk, Private Equity Investor & Board Chairman
Clear Lake Specialty Products

"Michael Dodd's strategic understanding of marketing, coupled with his experience was extremely helpful in successfully launching our company."

David Forsee – President & CEO


Independent Quality Control

To ensure quality, we solicit constant feedback from our clients and partners. An independent company surveys our client’s senior management to track results and gain insight into our performance. We strive to improve our services make our clients' companies more successful.