Senior Management

Interim places interim senior executives with functional expertise and leadership track records. These seasoned leaders “hit the ground running” in corporate and start-up environments  to manage transitions, turnarounds, start-ups, profit improvements, sale preparation, and other mission-critical situations.

Sales Management

Interim sales leadership services include:  1. Day-to-day management that conserves sales momentum,  2. Diagnostics that inventory best practices and gaps, and 3. Initiative championing that prepares the way for permanent success.  Scope of engagement ranges from executive-level strategy/reporting to line-level coaching and mentoring.

Marketing Management

Our marketing staffers can fill roles ranging from brand manager to Chief Marketing Office. We offer functional and strategic experts as well as seasoned general managers. From Consumer Product to B2B, our staffers will typical have relevant industry experience reducing ramp-up time.

Project Management
In addition to our core line staffing, Interim Mgmt provides skilled project managers with sales and marketing expertise. From new product development to the creation of in-house sales training, our talented staff can manage high priority projects, providing leadership, coordination and subject matter expertise. Interim's project managers can accelerate projects while establishing methodologies and growing the client's internal resources for future projects.




Interim Mgmt provides interim marketing, sales and senior executives to manage turn-arounds, start-ups, and a host of other change management and mission critical situations. Our seasoned executive can be deployed in a matter of days and hit the ground running bringing both leadership and functional expertise.

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